Wednesday, November 27, 2013

You are what you feed your soul

"You are what you eat"… you have all heard this before but it goes beyond the food that you consume. We obviously become healthier by eating a healthy well balanced and nutritious diet. But what about the food we feed our souls? Indeed it applies here too. We become what we fill ourselves with. But have you ever thought about it that way? 

We all to often focus on all the negative things in our lives and overlook the simple beauty hidden in nature and the countless blessings we all receive each day. Wait how do you know I have been blessed you may ask. Well I know this for sure, the simple fact that you can read this means you have eyes and you had an education. That can not be said of everyone. But I bet you are blessed with much more than just that, you probably have a save place to sleep, a job and enough money not to be hungry. A lot of people in this world don't have that and would be very thankful if they did. In addition to that you probably also have a family, friends and people that love and care about you. Still think you're not blessed? 
I think you are blessed indeed, but I also, all too often overlook the countless blessings in my life. But why? Why do we tend to focus on all the negative and overlook all the positive that is everywhere in abundance. 

Well for one you probably didn't even think you where blessed to start with, all those things I just mentioned are "just normal". But are they? Often unless you lose one of those simple blessings you don't even realize how blessed you really are. If you break your leg for example you realize just how blessed you were to be able to walk. If you lose your job you realize just how blessed you were, simply not to have to worry about being able to buy food and other essentials. If you lose a loved one you realize just how blessed you were to have that person in your life. But in all these examples it's too late by then.

It's easy to get stuck in a circle of negativity. If you're like most Americans you probably start your morning by watching the news or reading the paper. It's full of negativity. Then you drive to work and you get stuck in traffic, it seems like there is always either construction delays or some accident. If you live in Washington, particularly Seattle, you probably stop on your way to work at Starbucks.. And they better not mess up your "Venti Iced Skinny Hazelnut Macchiato, Sugar-Free Syrup, Extra Shot, Light Ice, No Whip"!... You already had to deal with so much negativity that you need your coffee just to make it through the rest of your day. Oh and did I mention you didn't even get to work yet and you still have to make it through 8 hours at work and then once again battle traffic on the way home. Then when you come home you complain to your significant other/family about your day at work. 
You see a pattern of negativity here? Yes this indeed makes it easy to conclude that your life sucks. 

But why is it that we let negativity control our lives? What if instead we focus on all the beautiful things that we are probably overlooking. You control the way you see the world. And you control what you feed your soul! And we become what we fill ourselves with, so how about you start feeding your soul with positive things. Read the comic section of the paper instead, leave a little bit earlier for work, enjoy the beauty in nature, smile to the person standing in line in front of you and to the ones you pass on the street, say good morning to the lady working at the front desk when you get to work, while you're at work for once put someone else's needs above your own and see what difference you can make, and when you come home tell your significant other/family how much you love them. 

Both good and bad things are always going to happen in your life, you can't control that, but what you can control is what you feed your soul and what you feed your soul is what will shape your character and determine your happiness in life. 

Let's put on God's glasses, walk in compassion, share the good stuff and enjoy the countless blessings God has given you.

(I wish I could take credit in this video but I can't, it's very powerful and still brings tears to my eyes though)

If you liked this, if perhaps this inspired you, then please share it and we can both make this world a better place :)


  1. Thanks for this Boris! Great reminder of what today and everyday should be about. We are back from NC. See you Sunday!

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