Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Leaving for a month long road trip to the Rockies!

Vacation is almost here! Only 2 more days and I will be leaving on a 30 day road trip to the US and Canadian Rocky Mountains :)

Besides having a great time, taking lots of pictures and making a movie, I hope to also use this road trip as a time for me to reflect on my life and think of my future. I don't want to work at my current job for much longer. I really wan to travel more and see as much of the world as possible. I hope to soon start renting out my house and start/expand my own photography company, going beyond the landscape photography I currently do. So if you live in the Seattle area and need a photographer for anything, please see the contact me section on this site and get in touch with me.

I just discovered this site called workaway.info and it has volunteer opportunities all across the world. You get free room and board in exchange for usually about 5 hours of work per day. This sounds like an amazing way to travel on a tight budget and also really get to know the country, the people and the local culture. So perhaps next summer I will be working in Iceland for a small B&B and spend the winter in Norway volunteering for a dog sledding company... I just found both those opportunities on this site.
There is still a lot to decide and figure out though so hopefully when I come back I will have a better idea of exactly what I want to do next and how to accomplish this.

As for right now, I will be going to Canada first to visit Banff and Jasper National Park and stop by Waterton lakes National Park just before heading back to the US. Then I will be stopping in Glacier NP, Yellowstone NP, Grand Teton NP and Rocky Mountain NP and spend some additional time in Colorado to attend the Telluride Photo Festival.

I plan on documenting my journey on this blog so make sure to follow along or like my Facebook page to stay up to date.

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