Thursday, September 18, 2014

30 Day Road trip to the Rockies, days 5 & 6

Monday Sept 15

I started my day with a drive down the Icefields parkway. I did the HWY 93 and 93A loop and stopped at Anthabasca Falls. The Falls are a must see if you ever come up to Jasper! It is a major tourist attraction though, so if you want any sort of solitude, you should go super early. I got there just after 9am and there where already about a hundred others there. The weather was absolutely gorgeous all day long, although no clouds meant that I couldn't do any timelapse photography.

I drove back to Hinton in the afternoon to get some more food and fuel and once again took the long drive down to Maligne Lake. This time the skies where clear and I was rewarded with a beautiful view of the lake and surrounding mountains. I stayed to watch the sunset and take pictures. When it got dark I went back to my car and had some Chinese food for dinner that I had bought in Hinton. I got caught up on my blog and by the time I was all done it was dark enough to go back to the lake for some night time photography. It was midnight by the time I got back to the Hostel.

Tuesday Sept 16

I got up early and checked out of the Jasper Hostel. I am a little disappointed I didn't get to hang out at the hostel and only spend the nights there. It seems like they had all sorts of cool activities during the evening and a large fire pit outside, plus so many people from all across the world stayed there. Hopefully I will have a chance to come back here sometime. 

I took HWY 93 South from Jasper to Lake Louise. It was the most scenic drive of my road trip so far, Fall colors where out everywhere along the road. 

I stopped at Sunwapta Falls and of-course the Anthabasca Glacier. 

It stayed sunny out all day and I found a free campsite near Canmore where I spend the night. It was another great day in the Canadian Rockies!

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